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Over 7 years expirience

Gelya 7 years ago embarked on her artistic odyssey, commencing with one of the most intricate styles: calligraphic lettering. Over time, her skills gracefully transitioned into vibrant graphic designs and mesmerizing miniature tattoos. One of the greatest passions of our enchanting Gelya lies in creating diverse renditions of dragons. Whether they are small and delicate or cover an entire back, she breathes life into these mythical creatures with remarkable artistry.

Gelya’s focus and concentration are unparalleled, allowing her to intuitively grasp and fulfill the desires of her clients. Gelya fearlessly embraces challenges and effortlessly takes them on, day after day. It matters not whether she has one guest or eight, as she effortlessly rises to the occasion, leaving each client enthralled with the results. She possesses an innate ability to captivate and exceed expectations.


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