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Are you tired of the same old party activities?
Want to add some edge and excitement to your next event?
Look no further than our outdoor tattoo sessions!

Our team of 6 skilled tattoo artists at unique Tornstar Tattoo Studio are not only
experienced in creating stunning tattoo designs, but we also provide on-site tattooing
services for parties and events.

Imagine your guests having the opportunity to get inked while enjoying the beautiful
outdoor scenery.

Not only does an outdoor tattoo session add a unique element to any event, but it
also creates a memorable experience for your guests. Our team is equipped with all
necessary tools and equipment to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.

Whether it’s a birthday party, music festival, or corporate event, we can provide a
customized tattooing experience that fits the theme and ambiance of your event. Our
artists work in all kind of styles and can provide a variety of designs to choose from.

We already have an amazing experience of working at outdoor and indoor events and
we know how to make your party even more interesting. So why settle for the same old
party activities when you can offer something truly unforgettable?

Contact us +372 5553 2754  or E-mail Us to discuss our partnership and let us take your event to the next level.

Kristina Sikkal
Corporate Events Project Manager