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Realism Style
Over 7 years expirience

Zahhar, an artist of unfathomable talent and limitless creativity, is a true enigma in the realm of tattooing. Today, he creates astonishingly masculine works that exude triumph, resilience, and unwavering confidence, seamlessly blending elements of realism, geometry, and graphic art. But the following day, he astonishes his clients by etching mind-bending symmetrical abstractions across their total chests and necks, sending a shiver down their spines. It’s impossible to divert your gaze from the awe-inspiring spectacle.

Zahhar approaches his projects with meticulous attention to detail, striving to infuse maximum uniqueness into each piece and breathe life into his clients’ visions. After the session, be prepared for an extensive and immersive photoshoot, capturing the sheer magnificence of his grand creation. He cherishes those moments.


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