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Traditional - Monochrome
Over 5 years expirience

Evgeny, is perhaps the most vivacious soul you’ll ever encounter. His magnetism, responsiveness, and benevolence captivate everyone who crosses his path. Trust us, no one can resist his allure. A youthful prodigy and an unequivocal master of his craft, he embodies the essence of an Artist with a capital ‘A’.

Since 2018, he made the resolute decision to wholly dedicate himself to the art of tattooing, and he has since perfected his skills. His dedication to his craft is unparalleled, and he consistently pushes the boundaries of his imagination. Evgeny specializes in a range of styles that will leave you spellbound: Realism — Monochrome: With his masterful touch, he breathes life into exquisitely realistic images, capturing every intricate detail with impeccable precision. Inkwork: Evgeny’s audacious and striking inkwork designs are a testament to his artistic prowess. Each stroke and pattern is meticulously crafted to create a visually impactful impression.


What kind of tattoos
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