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Linework, Minimalism Style
Over 6 years expirience

Alexandra In the distant year of 2017 embarked on her captivating journey into the realm of Dot-work. Since then, Alexandra has gracefully flourished, achieving extraordinary professional results in styles that encompass the domains of graphics, linework, whip shading, and minimalism.

Alexandra possesses an incredible gift for crafting the most precise lines you have ever beheld. Each stroke emanates an enchanting fusion of femininity and inspiration, infusing her work with a sense of hope and empowerment. Once you experience a session with Alexandra, fears, questions, and anxieties simply dissolve. She wholeheartedly ensures that each and every question you may have finds its answer.

Alexandra is an artist with a photographic memory, attuned to the smallest details of her craft. Even the placement of her machine on her workstation puzzles her if it deviates from its rightful position. Such is the nature of her creative prowess. Alexandra, we admire you!

Her artistic abilities and passion have deeply touched our hearts. With each inked creation, she weaves stories upon the skin, transforms it into a canvas of beauty and self-expression. Sasha’s dedication to her craft is evident in the impeccable precision of her work, where every line conveys profound meaning. Embrace the opportunity to be captivated by Alexandra’s artistry, where lines metamorphose into poetry, and ink becomes a language of emotions. Allow her to guide you on a transformative journey, where fears are vanquished, and confidence blossoms. Sasha, with her extraordinary talent and unwavering love for her craft, will ensure that your tattoo experience surpasses all expectations.

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